Moma couldn’t hear the pretty music. But back then there were no number 11 compliant 10m high speaker stacks ready to pump rock ’n roll straight at your heart. We have that now. And madam, we are quite intent on using it. Again.

Rock ’n roll is good.
And rock ’n roll is true.

And rock ’n roll has a good chance of saving a small piece of South Africa. If only for a few days each year.
So from the 7th to the 9th of August, why don’t you take some time off and dive into the dusty ocean of tunes, friends and freedom in the little Forbidden City we know so well.
OppiKoppi turns 21 in 2015 and with artists still being announced in the background, the lineup for 2015 OppiKoppi is fast becoming one of the most impressive and diverse in the festival’s history. Mixing lots on fresh new faces extracted from a brand new generation, with some South African and international legends. And of course doing this, using almost every genre this country has to offer. Even choir tunes make an unrehearsed appearance this year.

It really is a private moment of joy for any tune fanatic to just read and think through the full lineup. Just think for a moment, for instance, about the internationally acclaimed wonderlust kings Gogol Bordello (US) on the same stage as Johnny Clegg. Or Robin Auld on the same stage as Karen Zoid. Or the super sophisticated power jazz trio Tatran (IL) on the same stage as Shortstraw. Or Francois van Coke joining forces with the Northam se Uitgewasde Seunskoor (Vir Mans en Vroue). A full lineup will follow but already that should get your mojo working, double time.
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