Gig Safe


Short quick notes to make your life easier, safer and last longer.

  • No tickets to be sold at the gate.
  • No under 18’s.
  • There are first aid tents / buildings. Look for them on the map and terrain now, so you know where they are.
  • Drink water whenever you can.
  • Bring sun screen.
  • The Red Frog team is moving in the campsite area to provide pancakes, water and general support. If you get stuck in funny situations, they can help.
  • Keep your valuables safe. Lock them in your car or leave them at home.
  • Your tent is not a safe place to leave cameras, laptops and iPads.
  • Don’t leave fires unattended.
  • When you leave the farm on Sunday please make sure your camp fire is well extinguished.
  • Don’t accept open drinks from strangers.
  • Don’t accept drugs from strangers.
  • No Chinese/Vietnamese lanterns. They are designed to float out to sea, not over the dry tinder box bushveld.
  • Don’t come to the gate with tickets bought on scam sites such at Viagogo / Gumtree / Ticketbiz/ Junkmail etc. You will be very disappointed.
  • Apart from our visible security, OppiKoppi has many plain clothed personnel roaming the  entertainment area and campsite. Please report suspect characters.
  • Hilltop Live has a zero tolerance for drug dealers at our events and reserves the right to remove transgressors.