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Harambee Hotel


For those of you, who like us have been there since the beginning, have slummed it in the dirt, woken up cold next to someone else's fire and blundered into countless versions of Senagalias and Vachellias and still returned year after year in spite of your better judgement - do not worry - you can now be civilised and still have a ripper of a time. For those of you who're newer, we aim to save you much pain but share the magic without the grime.

Fourth year at Oppikoppi, we're offering you a comfortable tent with lights and charging point, with a real bed, hot showers to get rid of the ever present dust, yummy breakfast, private bar and VIP lounge.

Space is limited, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Please note that hotel bookings DO NOT include your festival ticket.

Harambee email: info@harambeehotel.com

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