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Kreef Hotel started the concept of Tent ‘Hotels’ 13 years ago at Oppikoppi. Our crew have all the experience to provide our guests with a seamless and smooth experience, value for money at it’s best!. Most of our guests from 13 years back will still only stay at one Hotel, the original Kreef Hotel.

Options at Kreef include single tents (the only Hotel that offers this), twins (2 singles in 1 tent), doubles (double mattress in a tent) and the entry level price offering special, the THREESOME (3 singles in 1 tent).

Guests are invited to a members only facebook page, directly after booking and paying. On this page the primary (paying) guest can invite his tent buddies and this is also where you can request for your group of friends to have their tents together. Our famous HOT showers and CLEAN shaded toilets will impress you every time. Our buffet breakfast ‘Respek & Eiers’ has reached international acclaim. Our Hotel is SAFE, with our 24 hour security watching over you and your things. The bar runs for 72 hours and our late-night fireplace jams by famous artists will help you through the night.

Our crew of close on 80 experienced people will make you think you've checked into Sun City by mistake.

The ONLY real option at Oppikoppi 2016.

Book early, we always sell out 1st.

Please note that hotel bookings DO NOT include your festival ticket.

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Kreef Hotel