Northam Alcohol Re-Plenishment Association – NARPA

NARPA - Northam Alcohol Re-Plenishment Association

The NARPA Challenge comes to OppiKoppi

Northam Alcohol Re-Plenishment Association - NARPA

Not-very-autonomous Beer Delivery Vehicles at the Bushveld Music Festival

Call to Action

Following on the illustrious trail blazed by the OppiKoppi beer drone, the festival and wider clan is once again keen to drive forward thirst quenching technology. And since the authorities killed our beer delivery drone ideas with legislation, we decided to take the fight to ground.

It therefore gives the OppiKoppi organisers much pleasure to announce the inaugural NARPA Beer Wire Car challenge. We are hoping that this can become an annual challenge and would like to kick it off for 2016 by inviting all engineering houses, departments of just random rock n roll loving geeks and wire artists to enrol their vehicles.

What is the NARPA challenge in one sentence: The delivery of a six pack of beer from a randomly chosen spot at the OppiKoppi festival, to a randomly chosen fan somewhere on the festival, with a car built by wire and cans at the festival.

  • Vehicle to be built at the festival using mainly wire and beer cans.
  • No bigger than 75cm in any direction.
  • Vehicle to carry at least a six pack of beers.
  • Vehicle to leave from a fixed point as determined by OppiKoppi family.
  • Vehicle to rendezvous at a randomly selected end point.

Prize money:

  • Beer for a year (12 x cases of Windhoek Lager)
  • Tix to OppiKoppi 2017 to defend your title.

Who can enter:

  • Anyone – single, teams, departments, South Africans, non-South Africans. Even English people.

How to enter: