Northam se Uitgewasde Seunskoor vir Mans en Vroens (NUSMV)

The Northam se Uitgewasde Seunskoor vir Mans en Vrouens* (NUSMV)


Coming round the bend into the finishing line in semi-glorious splendour. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the contenders for the second annual rock n roll group therapy choir from the mire. And you can be one of them.

After the untamed success of inaugural Northam se Uitgewasde Seunskoor vir Mans en Vrouens we bring you the continuation. Most of the members of last year’s choir have moved on to bigger things since their performance with Francois van Coke.  After the performance Francois was heard saying he would like to start a band with some of the hopefuls, “Ek kon my ore nie glo nie” and “fokkit, dis gevaarlik hier” (admittedly the interview was done in the small bar and might have been completely unrelated.).

With the gravitas and prestige of the choir growing, it is time to perk up your ears if you want to be part of movement. 2016 sees OppiKoppi building on the values of tolerance, abundance, joy, rock ‘n roll, beer and respect. We are also introducing a core choir to try and keep things together (At times things bordered on chaos in 2015, which is of course fantastic, but the world is watching now.). The core choir of 20 members will be adding 10 vagabonds from the fields of OppiKoppi to their ranks and featuring during the performances of Bittereinder and Academie over the weekend of 5-7 August.

Contact us now on if you are keen to join. The choir selection team will also be moving around the campsite to sign up and sing down prospective partners.

(*Northam’s Washed out Boys choir for Men and Women)